"Playful, practical and full of imagination! Piano Power Quest is a comprehensive series with strong emphasis on motivation. The music is delightful, and students will enjoy ample opportunities for self-expression." - Wynn-Anne Rossi (Composer/Pianist/Educator)

"Piano Power Quest is going to revolutionize the way that students relate to the whole experience of learning piano. The paradigm shift that is inherent in this series comes from not only years of musical experience from the author, but from extensive teaching experience as well. This series has built into it accountability, as well as reward for achievement of the fundamentals that are laid out in a logical and easily relatable manner. The adventure is much like playing a video game - it's a well-illustrated story with rewards earned from achievements.  As a music teacher, this series has caught my attention and has given me renewed excitement for my own students as they Quest for musical excellence." - Teacher

"I have children who thrive in goal based programs! Committing to something where they don't have instant gratification can be challenging for them. This is an amazing piano program for kids like that! The stories and goals keep the children interested, excited, and engaged. Great program for students just starting out, as it helps to build routine and good practice habits." - Parent